There’s excitement for everyone at the vintage funfair, with rides and game stalls offering prizes galore! 
The funfair comprises a unique collection of vintage rides from the golden era of fairgrounds. Visitors can enjoy a rare Brooklands Dodgems from 1937, a stunning 1930s Chair-o-Plane, an exhilarating 1936 Speedway and two exquisite children’s rides: a 1947 Muffin the Mule Autodrome and Hush Hush the Monorail train, the oldest ride, made in 1933. 
The rides have been lovingly restored over the last few years by an outstanding team of local craftspeople, making a visit to the funfair at Yorkshire’s Winter Wonderland a magical experience. 
There are also game stalls to test your skills – try Hook-a-Duck or Flip-a-Frog and win a prize every time! 
All rides will be operated with social distancing, and family groups will be seated together. We will carry out regular and thorough cleaning of funfair rides, game stall hook-a-duck sticks and flip-a-frog mallets, tills, counters, card machines and tokens. 
Visitors aged 11 and above must wear face coverings on funfair rides and will be required to sanitise their hands before and after each ride. 

Funfair Opening Times 

Saturdays & Sundays: 11am – 8pm 
Weekdays: 1pm – 8pm 
Easter opening times will be announced in due course. 

Ticket Prices 

The funfair operates on a ‘tokens’ basis. Tokens can be purchased from the funfair ticket booth and are then handed to each ride operator. The ride operators do not take cash. 
Speedway (per person) 
£3.00 (3 tokens) 
Chair O Plane (per person) 
£3.00 (3 tokens) 
Dodgems (per car) 
£3.00 (3 tokens) 
Hush Hush Train Ride (per person) 
£3.00 (3 tokens) 
Muffin the Mule (per person) 
£3.00 (3 tokens) 
Flip-a-Frog (prize every time) 
£3.00 (3 tokens) 
Hook-a-Duck (prize every time) 
£3.00 (3 tokens) 
Rifle Range (prize every time) 
£3.00 (3 tokens) 
Bags of tokens 
22 tokens  
34 tokens 
45 tokens 
Please note all photographs are from previous seasons, and therefore do not depict the Covid-19 measures currently in place 
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