On the Ice 

First time skater? 
If you have never skated before, take a deep breath and relax. It’s easy! Our team of friendly ice marshals will be on hand to give you a few tips to set you on your way. And don’t worry, the rail around the rink is always there for support! 
What if it's raining? 
This is an outdoor event and refunds will not be given due to inclement weather unless the Event Manager deems it necessary to close the ice rink, in which case alternative sessions will be offered for skating, subject to availability, or a refund given. 
Wrap up warm 
To make the most of your session, please remember to wrap up warm. Thick socks are advisable, as is a waterproof jacket and warm layered clothing. Hats are also advisable, but hoods are not allowed as they impede your view of other skaters. 

Rules of the rink 

Please remember that all persons using the rink do so at their OWN RISK! Please see our Terms and Conditions. The organisers reserve the right to conduct security searches, refuse entry or expel participants with no refund for any breaches of the rules or other safety reasons, at their absolute discretion. 
Allow a child under the age of 9 to skate alone, an adult must be on the ice with them at all times (children under 12 must be accompanied on site by an adult) 
Skate in the opposite direction to the crowd 
Wear hooded tops up at any time whilst skating 
Skate at excessive speed or in a dangerous manner 
Attempt lifts, jumps or spins on the ice 
Carry babies or small children on the ice 
Wear bags, long coats or scarves on the ice 
Skate in chains of more than four people 
Skate under the influence of alcohol or drugs 
Smoke, drink or eat on the ice at any time 
Sit or climb on the rail or the Christmas tree 
Chip, throw or spray ice or water 
Drop litter 
Smoke (including e-cigarettes) 
Use photographic or recording equipment or mobile phones on the ice 
Put ice skates on in the skate change area 
Make sure your skates are a good fit and are securely fastened 
Skate anti-clockwise at all times 
Wrap up warm 
Follow the instructions of the skate marshals at all times 
Report all accidents to a member of staff. There is a first aid trained member of staff on site at all times 
Be considerate to other skaters 
Stop skating and leave the rink, following the skate marshal’s instructions as soon as your session has finished 
Have fun and laugh! 
Follow the rules of the rink 
Skate Hire 
Skate hire is included in the price of the ticket and our sizes range from child size 7 through to adult size 15. Toddlers will be fitted with double-bladed shoe attachments up to child size 7. It is advisable to arrive 20 minutes before your booking time, so we can fit you with your skates to give you a full hour on the ice. 
Penguin Hire 
To help your toddler get confident on the ice, we have our stabiliser Bobo the Penguin, who is available to hire on a first come first served basis for £4.00 per session. Penguin skating aids are not bookable in advance and are subject to availability. They are hired out at the management’s discretion and may not be available on certain sessions. Strict height restrictions of one metre or below applies. If your child can walk, we can get them skating! 
Snowman Hire 
For the Bambis on ice that are too tall for a Penguin we have our stabiliser Buddy the Snowman, who will be right there for you should you need a helping hand. You can hire a Snowman for £5.00 per session, on a first come first served basis. Snowman skating aids are not bookable in advance and are subject to availability. They are hired out at the management’s discretion and may not be available on certain sessions. If you need that extra help, Buddy the Snowman will be there for you! 
For extra protection, The Ice Factor can provide helmets for hire. Please collect these in the skate hire area. 
When you pick up your skates we will look after your shoes for you. For any other items you wish to have looked after, please go to the ticket cabin outside where our cloakroom staff will be happy to look after your belongings for £2 per item. Nothing other than your shoes can be left in our skate hire marquee. 
Keeping the ice safe 
To ensure you get the most from your skating session, we need to keep the ice in pristine condition. This process normally takes 5-10 minutes and could happen at any time of the day. If you are due to go on to the ice when we are cleaning, don’t worry, you will get a full hour, and better still, the ice will be perfect when you do. Just please bear with us. 
Please do not visit Yorkshire's Winter Wonderland if you have any symptoms of Covid-19!  
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